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Dear Instrumental Music Parents and Students:

Students in Cadet Band, Concert Band, Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble are issued a “Concert Uniform” at the beginning of the school year. The uniforms are worn for the Winter Concert, the Pre-Festival Concerts, and the MSBOA District 16 Band Festival. The uniforms are returned the night of the Spring Concert in May.

The girls’ uniform consists of an ankle-length skirt. This skirt may need to be hemmed. If you are having difficulty getting your garment hemmed, Diamond Laundry in Chesterfield Township will hem the skirt at a very reasonable price. A BLACK long sleeve dress shirt and black dress shoes (with an approximate 1” heel) are required. The girls in Wind Ensemble are issued an ankle-length black dress. The shoe requirement is the same.

All boys are issued a 4-piece tuxedo: pants, coat, cummerbund, and bow tie. The pants may need to be hemmed. Like the skirts, Diamond Laundry in Chesterfield Township will hem the pants at a very reasonable price. A white tuxedo shirt and black dress shoes are required.

These concert uniforms are very expensive and must be treated accordingly. Do not leave your concert uniform at school.  Your uniform will be clean when it is received. If you get your uniform dirty, it is your duty to have it cleaned. The Anchor Bay Bands work with Diamond Laundry in Chesterfield Township and we highly recommend them for all uniform cleaning/adjustments.

The uniforms will be returned for cleaning and summer storage. In most cases, the students will receive the same uniform next year (depending on growth). If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact our concert uniform coordinator, Lisa Palnau, at or 586.291.6242.

Thanks for your help in making our concert ensembles look and sound their best!