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4/13 (Fri), 3:30p – 5:00p
4/27 (Fri), 3:30p – 5:00p

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Friday, May 4 (3:30p-6p) @ ABHS
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Anchor Bay 2018 Drumline Placements – All Parts

About the the Marching Band Percussion Section…

Instructors: Mr. George Dunn is a sought after percussion teacher and clinician in the metro-Detroit area. He works with several Macomb County marching band drumlines and is highly respected among area music educators. Assisting Mr. Dunn throughout the season is Ms. Anna Anger, an ABHS graduate and percussion/music education graduate from Central Michigan University. Mr. Dunn can be reached via email at Ms. Anger can be reached at

Instrumentation: The marching percussion section is made up of two parts: The Drumline (battery) and the Frontline.

Drumline: This year’s battery will most likely be made up of the following instruments:

  • Snare Drum (4-7 Players)
  • Tenor Drums (2-3 Players)
  • Bass Drums (4-6 Players)

Each of the three instruments of the Drumline has its own job, as well as its own set of unique challenges. There is no instrument that is “better” or more important than any other. The bass drum’s job is to provide the “power” of the percussion section.  The snare drum provides the rhythmic pulse and controls tempo, and the tenor drums provide melodic movement.

Front Ensemble: The Frontline section features all of these instruments:

  • Glockenspiel (Bells)
  • Xylophone
  • Vibraphone
  • Marimba
  • Crash and Suspended Cymbals

Often, there are additional parts for the following instruments:

  • Concert Bass Drum
  • Tam-Tam (Gong)
  • Timpani
  • Various “traps” such as triangle, finger cymbals, wind chimes, etc.

Just as no instrument in the Drumline is more important than the others, there is an equal amount of significance between the Drumline and the Frontline. No placement is “better” than the other, and everyone will receive a placement based on his/her own personal strengths.

Equipment: The ABHS Drumline uses top of the line Yamaha Drums. The ABHS Frontline uses Cymbals by Zildjian and Sabian. Everyone will receive the same exact equipment as everyone else in the line, that is, everyone uses the same type of snare drum, bass drum, or tenor drums.

Sticks/Mallets: To ensure a consistent sound between individual players, everyone within a particular section will use the same stick or mallet. These sticks can be purchased from any music store, but for ease of matching we recommend buying directly through the instructor. The ABHS Drumline uses Vic Firth Corpsmaster Sticks and Mallets:

Snare Drum: Vic Firth Corpsmaster Ralph Hardimon (Wood Tip) marching Snare Drum sticks (SRH). There may also be a “color” stick used for special effect which will be determined at a later date.

Tenor Drums – Mallet: Vic Firth Corpsmaster Marching Tenor Drum Mallets (MT1).  Stick: Vic Firth Corpsmaster Ralph Hardimon Marching Tenor Drum Stick (Model SRHTS).

Bass Drums: Vic Firth Corpsmaster Marching Bass Drum Mallets

  1. (18” Drum)-MB0
  2. (20” Drum)-MB1
  3. (22” Drum)-MB2
  4. (24” Drum)-MB3
  5. (26” Drum)-MB3
  6. (28” Drum)-MB4

The Snares and Tenors will receive a stick bag that attaches to the side of the drum to hold extra sticks.

Frontline: Members of the Frontline may use any mallet they choose for the instrument they are playing. For your convenience, I recommend the following mallets and sticks, all of which are available through Vic Firth: (you are not required to buy all of the mallets)

  • M114 – Great for Marimba, also good for Vibes and Suspended Cymbal rolls.
  • M134 – For Xylophone or Bells
  • M145 – Brass mallets for Bells
  • M164 – Good general Marimba mallets
  • SD1  –  Ride Cymbal (for parades)

Miscellaneous: Members of the Drumline may also like to buy the following items:

  • White Electrical Tape (all battery members’ sticks must be taped)
  • High Tension Drum Key (available through Yamaha, model DK-30)