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Welcome to the Anchor Bay Middle School South Bands Page

Below you will find news and events related to the Middle School South bands. In the menu to the left you will find links to the concert bands page as well as the MS jazz band page. If you are looking for tips for parents or documents you will find them below. If you are looking for reference recordings and pictures you will find them under the media tab or CLICK HERE. If you are looking for dates of upcoming concerts or other events you will find them either below or you can CLICK HERE. If you are looking for student assignments i’m working on a new system for posting them for parents and students to see.

7th & 8th Grade CHAIR TESTING

Chair testing has arrived. Students have been given a selection of scales and exercises in the Essential Elements book to prepare for the test. Exercise details were made available to students Friday, October 6th. This test will be both a grade and determine where a student sits within the section (what part they play). The test will begin Friday, October 13th (although most students will be testing the week of the 16th).

For a copy of the test requirements CLICK HERE.

Reference Recordings for Students to listen

If you click the link you should be taken to the page with the MS South recordings for music we are currently working on. These recordings are for educational purposes.

MS South Reference Recordings

MS South YouTube Channel


Anchor Bay Summer Band

Stay Tuned

Middle School South Required Supplies

Below you will find a link for the supplies required or recommended for all MS South band students. Also included are contact numbers for stores in the area who should carry the items listed.

South Required Supplies

Middle School South Supplies Prices

These are prices for supplies you can purchase directly from Mr. Oranchak at MS South.

MS South Supply Prices

Middle School South Band Handbook, Calendar

For a copy of the MS South band handbook click on the link below.

MS South Band Handbook

Calendar of Events 2017-2018

2018 6th Grade Band Performance @ 5th Grade Band-O-Rama

TO BE ANNOUNCED (Tuesday, May 15th)

What to know about REEDS

Reeds are an important part of most woodwind players world. Students may not always remember all the information we go over in class. Below you will find a link to information and frequently asked questions regarding reeds. If you have a woodwind player, it would be wise to familiarize yourself with this information.

Information Regarding Reeds

All (almost) About Practice

!Coming Soon!